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You never get a second chance to make a first impression – nothing can be truer than this when it comes to making your mark in an exhibition. So it’s critical to design a memorable experience from the moment an attendee steps into your booth. Whether you have a compact 6×6 booth or a spacious pavilion, it’s your opportunity to draw the audience in and strike a connection that delights them.

How do you do that?
At Brushtip, we enable your brand to unlock the true value of events and exhibitions through lively, innovative, and strategic stand designs and end-to-end project support. As a leading exhibition stand contracting company in UAE, we provide design and fabrication services that help you communicate your most effective brand values and create immersive experiences like never before!

What about the hassles of planning and executing an exhibit?
When you hire us, we take these hassles off your shoulders. Our attention-to-detail and thorough approach toward the process from start to finish ensures a seamless and successful execution.

Ready to plan your next event?
Get in touch with us today and join our ranks of satisfied clients, which includes many government agencies and eminent private companies. Call us at +971 4 352 5085 or email us at hello@brushtip-me.com to discuss your project.


Humans are tactile creatures. Nothing connects us to concepts, companies and products better than a unique interaction that brings them to life in an experiential way. A well crafted and multi faceted experience at an exhibition booth can create more interest and connection than any pitch or presentation could hope to achieve.

Trade shows and exhibitions offer a unique format to interact with customers, peers and a mass audience – face to face and in real time. Making it there, however, is only the start. In an environment that probably features most of your competition and those that matter in your industry, how do you ensure you stand apart?

Row after row of booths, exhibits and products can fatigue most attendees. Creating an engagement that excites the curiosity and leaves a lasting positive impression is the name of the game. This is about establishing relationships and that – as between individuals – is about standing apart, drawing in and lingering in the mind.

Exhibition booth designers can help enterprises align their products, strategy, image and market niche with impact that is both appropriate and effective.

Interaction seeds Influence, Persuasion creates Perception

Each industry, segment, exhibition and target audience is unique. Addressing this common ground in an uncommon way can be tricky. Often an industry segment comes with its own culture and approach. What is understated in one context can be too loud in another. Some brands and products can be showcased through an emphasis on props and design, others need to accent human interaction and networking.

So what can set an exhibition booth apart? What are the elements that can ensure the best ROI out of an exhibition booth presence? Despite each instance being unique, there are some underlying guidelines that can help focus the effort.

Begin with The Message: Each product and its target audience almost set their own tone when considered clearly. What do you want to convey? What do you hope to achieve through the exhibit? When designing an exhibition booth the intangibles are just a critical as the obvious. Consider not only the product or service you are showcasing but also the industry you are part of – as a whole as well as what role your company seeks in that context. In a world of constantly redefined perceptions and priorities it is important to have a clear message to convey.

Tone and Aesthetics: An exhibition booth has to be an extension of the company it represents and also take into account the audience. From physical dimensions, functionality and design to the numbers and profiles of the individuals manning it, every choice can add or detract. It’s important that the message the company wants to convey is in step with the presentation and design.

Convey the Essence in your First Impression: Human beings are hardwired to discriminate on the basis of preferences and curiosities that they are barely aware of – and quickly. Far from being only an intimidating challenge, this is often an opportunity. Putting one’s best foot forward can take a bit of planning. Be sure you feature elements that both casual onlookers as well as specific targets are engaged by, at first glance. What you want to convey and the approach you want to take has to be reflected in each element of your presentation.

Prepare the ground: An often neglected element, that can magnify the impact of your booth considerably, is laying the groundwork for the relationships you want to establish. Whether it be through personalized contact, trade magazines or online pop ups, confirming your participation and conveying your enthusiasm well before the event can create curiosity even before the exhibition or trade show has commenced. Not only does this convey your interest in meeting your peers and audience face to face, it also adds a subtle energy and confidence to your eventual presence.

Interactive experiences linger longest: It is often said, in the context of learning, that each of us absorbs information more efficiently by engaging one or another sense. Yet another set of people learns best by doing or demonstration. Ultimately learning is about retention and the same principle applies to create an impression that is retained. Having created a curiosity prior to the event and drawing the audience through first impressions, it is important to create an experience that conveys the essence of your message. Experienced designers are adept at creating an experience rich interaction that is not cluttered.

Showcase your existing clients: Industries are interconnected even more densely than the six degrees of separation that – allegedly – connect individuals. Networking can be magnified many times over when existing relationships are leveraged. When seeking to expand ones visibility the smart thing to do is to bring your current ecosystem into play. Trust is gained easier when it can be shown to have been granted by others. Involving customers, partners and collaborators in an exhibition or trade show optimizes your chances at expanding your circle still further.

Don’t stress the deal: A nagging and overzealous approach is the easiest way to lose prospects before their curiosity has been engaged. Often an environment as stimulus dense as a trade show can leave attendees overwhelmed with input. Concentrate on being engaging and congenial. Relationships drive business even more than the other way around. Creating a connection and initiating an engagement is, ultimately, the most fruitful approach.

Set up the follow up: Creating avenues for continued interaction allows you to keep building on the connections you make through the course of an exhibition. Promotional giveaways are an excellent way to extend the interaction. In a world of ever expanding platforms and technologies to communicate through, it is important that you establish your presence in the ones appropriate to you, your industry and your audience. Redeemable giveaways that leverage aspects of your services can be an excellent way to initiate first contact and also help to extend your network and database of contacts.

Conclusion: Rapport builds Relationships. Associations yield Growth.

There can hardly be a more enjoyable, effective and enterprising way to enhance the network and presence of a business within its industry, than to make the most of the opportunity that an exhibition or trade show presents. An exhibition booth or island is an invaluable opportunity to showcase a business, its products or services and its vision. Condensing the many aspects involved into one experience for exhibition attendees can be challenging, but professional stand design and exhibition booth designers have come a long way too. A single well planned exhibition can expand business presence and enhance networks dramatically, with a telling impact on market share and profitability.