Exhibition and Events

At Brushtip, we connect a brand to its customers & we are addicted to what we do.
From our perspective, exhibition & events is making a brand approachable to an individual. It is a creatively designed space wherein unique experiences are created; emotional moments are shared and future industry growth oriented talks transpire.

The team at Brushtip are Go-getters, Lateral thinkers, Architects, Sales enthusiasts, Creative Originators, Client Servicing Professionals, Engineers, Specialists and Generalists alike. We have our finger on the pulse.

We offer the entire process, from the initial idea through to the successful execution of the project. From start to finish, we place great importance on client’s objectives and values which gave us the opportunity to work for the world’s most forward-thinking organizations. The personal and long-term relationships with our clients help us increase the commitment bar within us and deliver success. Get to know us personally, meet the team.